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About us

Zhongshan Suntop lighting Co., Ltd was established in 2019. In the rapid development of the solar lighting market, SUNTOP is engaged in the research and development of professional solar lighting under the leading of its founders and technical team . Based on the quality-oriented, the company's management policy of scientific and technological innovation, SUNTOP continues to explore the combination of solar energy and modern technology to create a new realm in the field of solar energy. SUNTOP Solar emphasizes “use value”, perfects “professional service” and adheres to “quality guarantee”. The products are sold at domestic and foreign, and also design and produce OEM products for domestic and foreign users. In the field of solar energy, SUNTOP is guaranteed by "value, quality and service". The company will, as always, adhere to the tenet of “Credit First, Quality First, Customer First”, the tenet of integrity management and quality service, and develop towards to a more professional and broader solar energy field to provide quality services to all sectors of society!



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